Thoughtfully designed with the whole child in mind


Everything Early Learning

Play-based learning developed using approved Canadian Early Years Framework

Our Everything Early Learning play boxes are thoughtfully designed with the whole child in mind, carefully choosing and collecting materials to support a curriculum developed in accordance with ELECT

Each of our boxes include 20+ activities made for young minds, and everything you need to entertain and educate your little one with over a month of quality content.

One-box solution for teaching and engaging preschool and kindergarten-aged children

Each Everything Early Learning box is crafted to be a one-box solution for teaching and engaging preschool and kindergarten-aged children with short, easy, repetitive early learning activities, created in accordance with ELECT, ready to be pulled out any time, anywhere, by anyone.

Made for parents, grandparents, daycare providers, caregivers

Made for parents, grandparents, babysitters, caregivers and anybody looking to educate and entertain young minds, Everything Early Learning provides everything you need for a whole month of easy – and fun! – early learning education. 

Everything Early Learning Starts Here

Our Everything Early Learning Boxes are a one-box-shop for preschool and kindergarten-aged children.

Soleil loves her Everything Early Learning Holiday Box!

It is filled to the brim with so many fun, creative and educational activities. I love how everything is laid out with instructions on each activity. 

It takes so much time and effort to research activities… and then go out to the stores and buy each of the supplies but this box allows me to get right down to the most important part, which is spending time with my daughter, one-on-one, playing, learning, discovering and being creative, together.

Jodie, Mom to Soleil

“As a busy mom of 3 little ones, I especially love that everything is planned out with all of the supplies, just grab and go!”

Amanda, Busy Mom of 3

“The boxes from Everything Early Learning have all the materials, instructions and teaching tips inside to do a variety of activities. Excited to order the next box!”

Susanna, Mom of 2

“My little one, Clara, asks every day to do a new activity from her box! We’re so excited for the new box!”

Lena, Mom to Clara

“Thank you Erin for creating the Launch Box! The children at my Centre loved it!” All the activities were so fun and easy to follow. We can’t wait for the next box! Wish we could receive a surprise box from you every month.”

Danielle, Preschool Teacher

“It’s going great! (The Launch Box). She’s had so much fun doing all the activities. I especially liked the paint/pattern card, the letter tree, and she had a lot of fun with the beans and pies activities!

It’s very well put together. I can see all the work and attention you’ve put into it.”

Candace, Mom

“The Box is amazing! Thank you so much. One activity kept my four-year-old focused for a solid 45 minutes, which is practically unheard of. Thank you again!”

Lindsay, Mom and Certified Sleep Consultant

“The kids love it! It’s amazing! So well done with the activities easy to follow. Thank you so much.”

Maria, Mom

“Over 20 holiday inspired activities, all centered around key learning modules like math, literacy and STEAM. A wonderful locally created and owned company that any caregiver needs to check out. This will keep all little ones busy, either heading up to or over the holiday season.”

Mom to Catherine and Sophia

“Today I got my first Everything Early Learning Box and I couldn’t be more impressed. This is the real deal! If you have preschool kids, you need to check out Everything Early Learning!”

Michelle, Kindergarten Teacher

“This box is full of so many amazing and wonderful things and they are all so age appropriate! The activities correspond with what he is learning at school.”

Mom to Revan

“I was so pleased with the attention you have taken with the instructions and assembly of the tasks.  What a great resource for families who want to spend this kind of quality time with their kids!  My daughter is pregnant and due in two weeks – thinking having simple activities ready to go would be a great idea for my 3 1/2 year old grandson too.”

Carolyn, Grandmother  

What is play-based learning?

The P.L.A.Y. Process

Building on the child’s natural motivation to play, children are encouraged to explore and experiment, problem solve and discover, in an imaginative and hands-on way.

Our play curriculum activities have been developed to harness your child’s natural motivation to play, while integrating each domain of learning.

Our Story

Stories, News, and Updates from Erin and the Daly Family

The P.L.A.Y. Process

We created the P.L.A.Y. process, which goes hand-in-hand with the Days of Play calendar, Play-by-Play activity cards, and all the engaging materials in our lovely magic Everything Early Learning box.

The Dandelion Story

The Dandelion Story behind Everything Early Learning. To this day we get so excited to see a “dandelion wish.”

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